Jokes and Cartoons


    This little boy hid in his parents bedroom closet as he wanted to see what took place in their room when the doors were locked.

    As he peeked thru the slats of the closet door he saw his mother and her boyfriend going at it. Suddenly the boys father comes home. The wife wisks her boyfriend off into the closet - the same closet her son is in.

    After several minutes the boy says to the man, "Boy it's dark in here." Shocked, the man just nods his head in agreement.

    After a few more minutes the boy says "Wanna buy my baseball glove?"

    The man asks "How much?" In reply the boy says $50. The man agrees.

    Several more minutes pass when the boy asks the man if he'd like to buy his baseball bat for $50 as well. The man reluctantly agrees.

    After the father departs, the woman takes her boyfriend out of the closet, and too upset too continue she sends him on his way.

    The next morning at the breakfast table the little boy pulls out a roll of money and begins counting it. The mother asks "Where did that come from?", to which her son replied "Can't say."

    The mother asks again and upon his refusal to tell she tells her son to get in the car.

    The mother takes the boy to church and tells him to get into the confessional and tell the priest where he got the money. When the priest slid the door over the boy said "Boy it's dark in here", to which the priest replied, "Don't start that shit again!"